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A day of errands

Today was a day of errands.  I left the apartment for the Septa station.  I had decided to not ride my bicycle for my errands and choose the Septa subway instead.  Besides ever thing I had to do today was essentially on Broad St. between Vine and Walnut.  As I descended into the station and boarded the train I was sitting across from a man and his family.  The man was black and was wearing a red t-shirt and red plaid shirts.  It was quite a loud expression of color.  He was traveling with who I assume were his 2 daughters and wife.  This man was singing and talking to his youngest daughter.  She was dressed in a white and blue striped dress holding a green ball.  The man continued to sing to his daughter that she was his friend.  The older daughter touched a long scar on the man’s arm to which he replied, “I got this scar while fighting 11 million bad guys.  It started off with 5 and now its 11 million, hahaha.”  He was an odd fellow.  They were carrying luggage and I assume headed for 30th Street Station to catch a train out of town.
After I got to the Race station stop I got off the train and headed for the street above me.  When I entered the hustle and bustle of center city I decided to hold off on my hospital appointment and get something to eat.  I went to the local pizza shop across from Hannneman Hospital.  Inside the customers ranged from doctors, nurses, EMTs, average Joes, and even a patient with her headed wrapped in full bandages while carrying a walker.  I ate a slice of pizza and drank a ginger ale.
After lunch I headed across the street to the hospital to get the first of a 4-part PPD test for tuberculosis.  The test is a requirement for Drexel University’s nursing program of which I will soon be starting.  I take note that no one in the city actually notices that other people are alive.  It is as if we are all walking blindly, robotically to our destinations, hoping not to catch someone’s eye.  In a city so big and so populated, it feels like we are so alone. 
I arrive at the Occupational medicine department after passing many corners and hallways presenting framed photos of all the tourist destinations Philly can offer: Love Park, the Liberty Bell, City Hall, the Art Museum.  While waiting for the test I overheard a woman in the waiting room telling another woman that she had just been hired for a 12 hour night shift, I assume for a nursing position.  This woman had joked that she was trying to become a bat given her shift hours.  The woman entertaining the news commented that the night shift nurse should purchase a blackout curtain.  Before I was called in for the test an elderly employee of the hospital, most likely a doctor, came in the room requesting the same test I was waiting for.  He was dressed for a golf game and his impatience reinforced the idea.  The odd thing about the man was his legs.  The botchy purple color of poor circulation and slight edema suggested something was wrong.  The discoloration was made worse by the raised lumps blanketing the surface of his shins and outer calves.
After the hospital I stopped by the bank on Broad and Walnut.  I was standing in line behind a very elderly emaciated, toothpick-of-a man.  He was dressed in a fashion typical of an old man.  The pants were old, tight, faded and pulled slightly higher than his natural waist.  This position left a few inches of his socks above his shoes visible.  The shirt was collared and he wore thick black-framed glasses underneath a large straight brim ball cap.  The man’s neck was taut and his muscles were clearly visible.   His hands holding the documentation of his complaints to the teller were thin, fragile and all lines of muscles, veins, and bones were clearly defined through his skin blotched with age and red spots.  He was repeating himself several times over.  I am sure the teller understood his complaint, but the man thought it necessary to redefine his reason for going to the bank.  As expected, his documentation was all hand written and contained copies of his statement received in the mail.  On-line banking was not a familiarity for this determined gentlemen.      
After the bank, I made a quick trip to the post office.  The post office is located underground in the Septa center market where the Orange and Blue lines intersect.  The concourse to my train home was filed with the sounds of a violinist producing audible delight in hopes of receiving monetary gain.  The subway ride home was quick and then it was off to work.

Oh how the time passes you by

Soooo.  I made a pledge to write more and failed miserably.  So here I find myself several months since the last post trying to think of something to write.  So many things have happened from weddings, to finishing community college, to getting accepted to Drexel and so many other things.  But oh well time lost is time lost.  I do find myself writing tonight because I have put in my two weeks notice at my job and will be officially unemployeed as of July 29th.  I helped a friend moved today from an old apartment to a new apartment.  Well of course it would be from old to new... duh!  I think I am trying to bascially fill this space tonight so oh well... as Vonnegut would say... so it goes.  Let's try and start this whole thing up again, maybe next time with something enlightening or at least humorous to say.... goodnight.

I am not that special

I have tried to type here several times about my life, I even tried to fill out one of those 25 cool things about you lists, but I just can't.  I have started to realize that I just don't think I'm special enough to boast over the internet about.  So I have a new idea... I am going to try to recount my daily life but through anecdotal tales with a lesson.  I want to find a lesson in each day.  Today's lesson:

I was riding the SEPTA home.  Because the SEPTA consists of a series of connected trains, the passenger can leave one car and travel to the next to find available seating.  The passenger must move between the cars through 2 doorways (one on each car).  There is a small exposed platform between the two cars that is dangerous to be on when the train is in motion.  Today one young boy was standing on this platform amusing or trying to impress his peers (who were safely inside).  A middle-aged man got out of his seat walked over and banged on the glass window of the door and instructed the boy to return to the safety of the interior of the car.  Which the boy did.  Living in a big city like Philadelphia, it is very easy to turn the other way and totally disconnect yourself from everything around you.  People do it all the time.  A man was attacked on the SEPTA by an attacker with a hammer and no one did anything to stop the violence or assist the victim.  This man took it upon himself to walk over and prevent what could have been a very dangerous if not deadly event.  It made me wonder how often we as people avoid doing what's easiest and most impactful just because "we can't be bothered" or "it's not my responsibility."  Maybe we should be more like the guy on the train today.  Hey I took the time to verbally praise him while we were walking up the Pattison Stop steps.  He deserved it.  He didn't ask for and that's the point. 


Physical Therapy and an online comic

I started physical therapy this week to strengthen myself after being in the back brace for over 2 months.  Things are starting to fell better.  I am going three times a week.  But I really excited about the launch of my new online comic book.  You can find me at I will be updating a new page (broken down into several panels) every Sunday. 

Dog Park

Yesterday was the first Saturday of the month, so that means it was Pug Meetup day.   Every first Saturday of every month, local Pug owners all meet at the Schuylkill Dog Park and let the Pug run wild with each other.  And yesterday was COLD!  All the pugs were wearing coats, all except the 2 pugs from Detroit.  The owner explained that they were used to the cold.  If they were from Detroit, no wonder.  Goober, my pug, really enjoys going because of the attention she gets from the people.  She plays some with the other dogs but mostly she seeks attention.  Oh and also other dogs poop.  That's right, you read correctly.  My dog loves to eat poop.  Its disgusting!  We have mouthwash at home to wash out her mouth if she ever has an incident.  So at the dog park, we have to keep a watchful eye on her.  While we are on the topic of disturbing things at the dog park, there is this older man who takes peoples picture.  He is super creepy and says all kinds of inappropriate things.  Like Saturday, he yells at two dogs, "Hey you can't hump that dog because if I'm not getting any sex at home neither can you!"  I mean this is the most recent example that comes to mind, but he is always a little creepy.  I start physical therapy tomorrow, which is awesome because I can't wait to start riding my bicycle again.  It was been nearly 3 months!     

Sick of the holiday...

I have always considered “a new year’s resolution” to be silly untruths people claim in an attempt to somehow change their current situation.  But I find myself biting the preverbal lure.  I resolve to write more in 2009.  More specifically I am going to put into words my daily life.  Now this is not a novel or even noble goal.  I mean people have been writing in journals since the invention of the written language.  Everyone from Anne Frank to Da Vinci kept journals, so why not me

I have just returned home to
Philadelphia, PA from my hometown Richmond, VA.  I spent from December 22 until today visiting family and friends for the holidays.  I can’t say the trip was completely enjoyable.  I am still recovering from a fractured spine.  In October of last year I was riding my bicycle from college and was hit by a car.  I suffered a fractured spine in my L3 Lumbar.  That’s the lower back.  I am lucky because this part of the spine actually does grow back and heal but boy does it take its time.  Anyway, the injury really prohibits me from doing a lot of physical things and causes discomfort from time to time.  I was wearing a TLSO (Thoracolumbar Sacral Orthosis) brace up until 2 weeks ago.  As a side effect from the accident, I also have a pinched nerve in my L4 Lumbar, which causes my right thigh to be consistently numb.  You know that pins and needles feeling you get when your foot falls asleep?  That’s the one!  So I’ve got that going for me.  Sleep can be tough because originally I was forced to sleep on my back (for 2 months) and I was having night sweats and muscle spasms in my legs.  When I was finally getting used to sleeping on my back, the doctor tells me I can sleep on my side in the fetal position.  My body is readjusting now, which causes my legs to jerk uncontrollably throughout the night.  My wife has endured quite a few sleepless nights.  Sorry for the medical history, but I felt I needed to fill in the gaps.  On top of all of this I came down with a nasty 7 day stomach-virus on Christmas day.  All I could think about was the Jack character from “Fight Club.”  I am Jack’s enraged gastrointestinal tract.  Do you realize all the good food, desert, and drink I missed out on because I was passing my insides into the toilet!  I can’t remember being that ill in a long time.  I even braved out the trip down to South Carolina to visit friends of my wife’s.  Unfortunately I toured the bathroom more than any other part of the house.  We were supposed to go to Lynchburg for New Years, but I didn’t see the point.  I was drinking water yelling “Happy 2009” as my wife, sister-in-law and her boyfriend enjoyed cold beer to ring in the New Year!  But I promise I’m not bitter.  That’s not my style.  So we wrapped up the trip short and headed home. 

I think there is going to be a meteor shower tomorrow morning.  It’s cold as hell outside, but I may make the drive north of the city and try to catch a few.  But all the same I would be happy if it snowed, but it’s unlikely.


Lame test entry...